Significant changes need Sofor troops in the background.

Significant changes need Sofor troops in the background.

No one succeeds alone. To get to the top, you have to climb many small steps. When the conquerors of mountains bask on the summit, few remember the carriers and the maintenance team. We know that feeling. For as our customers reach to the stars and make the future, we smile in the background. We believe that the most ambitious strategies to achieve efficiency and accountability do not fail because of a lack of courage and ideas, but because of a lack of expertise. There are enough speakers, but there are few people dedicated to the matter.

Our battlefield is the concrete optimization of policies and processes, and almost none of the means offered by digitalization are foreign to us. We are especially good at doing unprecedented things, miracles. We are a special team that secretly performs the most demanding tasks in the industry with precision, flexibility, and an uncompromising attitude. When done properly, we believe in the victory of intellect.

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“From the beginning, Sofor has been a natural conversation partner that has shown desire and the ability to understand customer needs and provide a customized service.”

Kuisma Holstikko, Service Manager, Common IT Services, Valmet

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Why Sofor?



We see a world where decision making is based on intelligence, not guesswork, a world where the focus is on development instead. Soon there will come a time when people’s work environments can be stripped of unnecessary routines, freeing up time to do more important things.

And because we see a world where decision-making is based on intelligence, not guesswork, all our work is based on analytics and optimized goals. We hate unnecessary work and therefore we remove it for you in by the hour. That is why we’d like to say we’re uniquely different, and so are you.



In modern times, responsibility is not an option but a necessity. Safety, productivity, work capacity, health, sustainable solutions, and the widespread use of technology are the cornerstones of our responsible operations. By optimizing these, the most significant resource savings are made.

Today, responsibility means using intelligence in everything you do, constantly gathering and analyzing information, and an endless desire to do things a little better every day. In our view, no company or public organization can afford to ignore this.



We remember the heroes of fables, the commanders of battlefields. People sigh when top athletes improve their record by one hundredth of a second or when a robot is granted citizenship. But when gold medals are handed out and trophies are lifted, the background team comes first in the thank you speech. No one succeeds alone.

We, if anyone, know that significant change needs a top team in the background. Our greatest appreciation goes to the heroes of the work at the edges of the group photos. While the rest of the world focuses on the front images, we see the people behind them.

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Olemme noin 50 ammattilaisen erikoisjoukko, joka suorittaa vaivihkaa alan vaativimmat tehtävät täsmällisesti, joustavasti ja tinkimättömällä asenteella.

Olemme monen, sinullekin tutun asian näkymättömät taustajoukot.

Sen minkä lupaamme, sen myös teemme.


Sofor on perustettu vuonna 1991.

Lähes kolmenkymmenen vuoden matkan aikana on tapahtunut vaikka mitä.

Stay tuned. Kerromme pian, missä olemme olleet mukana.


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