Multi-channel reader

Automated reading of data into company systems

Why use a multi-channel reader?

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your business by automating customer communications and their content across multiple channels. We localise the information that matters to you. We open and transfer it to a readable format in the location you specify. As a result, you’ll make faster use of disparate information and make decisions faster and more efficiently.

The solution is suitable for processing and transferring information from your company’s stakeholders to your existing information systems. The information to be read can contain text, images and/or symbols. This can be, for example, requests for quotations, orders, etc., which are not directly available in your own systems. Automation saves human resources, time and reduces the possibility of errors.

Benefits in a nutshell

  • You speed up data recovery
  • Automate the reading of electronic data
  • Save time by eliminating screen time and allow you to focus more on important tasks
  • Improve your decision-making process and make decisions faster and more efficiently
  • For example, you can streamline sales activities by automating the processing of requests for quotations
  • Improve overall communication efficiency
  • Take advantage of all electronic media

Why is Sofor the right partner for you?

We are a partner who understands your business objectives and can provide solutions that support them. We have a background of customer solutions where we have collected different types of data using different methods and combined them to get a broader view. We can identify your problem and provide the best solution. We use the Fast Track model to help us make decisions.

As a partner, we are open and transparent. By working closely with us, you will achieve the goals you set.

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