Making KPI data visible to support decision-making

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Why Dashboard?

As a tool for operational management, situational awareness management is essential for the success of a company.

Combining data from multiple data sources, modelling and visualising real-time information relevant to the business helps to optimise and predict operations. In the most advanced implementations, situational awareness is directly routed to tasks.

Improving situational awareness can proceed in stages, starting with reporting, to which the use of analytics and AI can be added. By adding data sources later, the view of the activity becomes more accurate and broader.

Sofor aims to make clear customer-driven implementations.

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Make use of data and remove routine and manual work from decision-making
  • Distribute data to support your business by locating essential information visually
  • Decision making is easier when you have relevant and up-to-date information from all important data sources
  • A Dashboard gives you a simple and clear picture of your business and the status of its various components. Relevant information is generated by summarising data into key performance indicators and visualising their impact on your business

Why is Sofor the right partner for you?

We are a partner who understands your business objectives and can provide solutions that support them. We have a background in a variety of analytics projects. With our experience, we can identify your problem and provide the best solution. We use the Fast Track model to help you make decisions.

As a partner, we are open and transparent. By working closely with us, you will achieve the goals you set.

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