TAVA® Onboard

Automate and standardise job start-up and quickly integrate new people into a productive part of the business

TAVA® Onboard automates new employee orientation

Would you like to make the start-up of a new employee smooth and efficient?

We can help – with us, you can quickly revamp your induction process.

With our monthly solution, you can improve the quality of your induction and make significant cost savings. The lead time for a new employee is reduced while employee satisfaction and productivity are improved.

TAVA® Onboard is more than an orientation

Our solution includes ready-made proven models and processes. We also take your own individual processes into account during implementation.

Maintaining training materials and processes is easy. New hires automatically receive the latest and most up-to-date materials and company best practices. As a result, the level of competence in your organisation will rise.

With automation, you also facilitate the role and time management of your frontline staff throughout the process. The time spent on the process by the frontline staff is reduced, but the benefits they bring to the new person are increased. They can centrally monitor the progress of the whole process and ensure that the newcomers have mastered things at the desired level.

The induction process we deliver can be integrated with other applications and systems you use. There are hundreds of ready-to-use connectors that allow you to easily connect to different sites.

Could Sofor help you?

Sofor’s special forces are ready to help you. Contact us and let’s see how we can build a functional entity just for you!

Petri Salo

Senior Key Account Manager

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