Work ability management

Good work capability and a safe workplace are fundamental rights for everyone.

Why Sofor?

What do we do?

We help build better and safer jobs.

Why do we do it?

Today, work ability development and management should focus on knowledge management and the utilization of artificial intelligence. Why? Because it is not just a rigid reporting system, but a proactive system that can use artificial intelligence to even detect early absences and thereby not only improve the well-being of staff, but also bring proactive savings and more diverse information to the company.

In our opinion, the customer must be able to own their work capability and safety data, regardless of with whom the related services are provided at any given time. You also need to be able to switch partners without losing previously created work capability management processes. With Sofor, you have access to work capability management systems that adapt to the individual needs of your company. In this case, you can, for example, create your own individual forms and shape the related processes. Every workplace is different and therefore work capability management is also an individual process.

We have the only system on the market that includes all aspects of occupational well-being and occupational safety management, as well as effective connections to occupational health and insurance companies. With the help of artificial intelligence models created for work capability management, we take anticipation and automation to a new level. Good work capability and a safe workplace are fundamental rights for everyone.

That is why we at Sofor are at the forefront of promoting well-being and safe jobs.








TAVA® Health

Improved productivity by soft means

  • Accelerated return to work
  • Minimization of absence costs
  • Facilitating the work of the supervisor

Many companies want to manage work capability processes on an individual basis – TAVA® Health supports this.

We give you the opportunity to make your own forms and formulate the processes related to them.

TAVA® Health is a safe and comprehensive platform for cooperation between the customer’s occupational health service providers and insurance companies, made with modern technologies.

Individual solution with a long-life cycle.

TAVA® Safety

Advanced methods take safety management to a new level

  • We help you to achieve the zero accidents goal
  • We help to meet the requirements of the Occupational Safety Act
  • We facilitate the work of supervisors

Near-zero accidents can only be achieved with planned safety management, in which TAVA® Safety will help you.

Device-independent safety observations are easy to make.

Safety management is facilitated by the automation of company-specific safety processes and integration into back-end systems.

Advanced analytics and reporting help supervisors and management focus on essential, safety-enhancing issues.

TAVA® Mini

Occupational safety reporting in subcontracting relationships easily as an online service

  • Statutory occupational safety reporting to the subcontractor’s customer and your insurance company
  • Company’s own reports (incidents and frequency)
  • Subcontractor reports to principals on a project-by-project basis

Occupational safety and its management are important competitive factors and an indication of quality operations.

In subcontracting relationships, security is often a crucial factor in initiating cooperation.

With the TAVA® Mini service, your company’s occupational safety information is conveniently in one place.

Multiple principal relationships can be created in the service, and in each of them, the desired number of reporting objects can be defined. The targets can be, for example, individual projects or even annual contracts. In addition to handling transactions, reporting includes handling follow-up actions in collaboration with the principal.

All transactions recorded in the TAVA® Mini service are stored in the company’s own secure data warehouse.

You can easily enter into a service agreement from the link below and get the TAVA® Mini service immediately.

In the form that opens, the basic information of the company as well as the information of the person in charge are entered, and after saving, the user IDs are immediately sent to the person’s e-mail. After activating the IDs, the system is available.

The price is €95 / month, including 10 usernames. The price for additional users is €4.20 / person / month (VAT 0%).

TAVA® Environment

TAVA® Quality

“Without a comprehensive management system, it would be difficult for an international company to identify where and why accidents occur, and how well safety work is done. With the Safety Tool, the company can identify risks accurately and individually, and implement proactive risk management based on both its own rules and the law. The system also provides statistical continuity and sees changes in policy developments!”

Harri Leppänen, Head of EHS, SSAB Finland

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