Modern infrastructure solutions

We build unbeatable infrastructure solutions.

Why Sofor?

What we do?

We create infrastructure solutions that meet individual customer needs.

Why do we do it?

For example, are you planning to upgrade outdated infrastructure, virtualize applications, or find better solutions to various business challenges? We ensure the functionality of critical applications and business continuity – now and in the future.

A hybrid cloud and hybrid solutions are the future when services are located in a suitable, decentralized place. We make the transition to and ownership of hybrid solutions easy for you. We also help you increase productivity by making your work location and terminal independent. Sofor’s special team guarantees that, thanks to a limited number of customers, we can provide you with first-class service and ensure that you have access to Sofor’s experts at all times for support. No infrastructure challenge is impossible for us, as we are used to solving even the most demanding challenges at a global level and to a local standard. We help you to develop not only unbeatable infrastructure solutions, but also the entire business, and through that you save a lot of time, money and unnecessary work.

You don’t know us? Good. You know our customers.









Controlled change to the new

  • Optimization of choices
  • Cost optimization
  • Safe change
  • Roadmap

We map the current environment, locate key areas for change and the challenges that pose risks to the business. We create a change plan with its benefits and challenges. We help with the optimization or actual change of IT procurement and their scheduling. As a result, you create an agile and adaptable target environment of your choice.


An efficient hybrid cloud is the foundation of functional digitalization

  • Create a new kind of business efficiency
  • Ensure the reliability of platforms
  • Free up resources for business development

Sofor’s Enterprise Cloud Management is a 24/7 service where trained experts take care of the functionality and development of your hybrid cloud solution according to your needs.

We make sure that your environment is always optimized to meet the needs of your business.

We free up maintenance resources for essentials and eliminate unnecessary investments and expenses for you.


Individual service to help your everyday life

  • Experts know you and your needs
  • Personalized service
  • Focus on the essentials
  • Location does not matter

A centralized 24/7 service point, which is a unique expert service backed by strong processes and operating models

The location of your systems does not matter, and your servers may be located in the device space or cloud of your choice.

We support Windows or Linux operating systems. You get a worry-free and secure system by including application support and lifecycle management.

Focus on business support – we ensure the functionality and security of your systems and applications.


Device and location-independent operation

  • Improved security
  • Improving application availability
  • Increasing labor productivity
  • Facilitating remote working

We make traditional applications location and device-independent.

Sofor’s certified experts help you 24/7, make virtualized applications work well and develop your environment to meet your needs.

We make sure that your environment is always optimized and meets the changing needs of your company.

We free up maintenance resources for essentials and eliminate the wrong investments and expenses for you.


Safety and ease

  • Safe use of devices
  • Data sharing between different devices
  • Data protection

Today, your business information is on mobile terminals among myriad different applications and security risks.

The safe mobility of users and the use of applications are vital. The user’s own device does not need to be managed; it is enough that the enterprise applications are managed.

Protect enterprise applications from spying on consumer applications. Manage and restrict data transfer between enterprise applications. Implementing a security policy is easy in multi-vendor and operating system environments.


More than capacity

  • Effective support and assistance
  • Application support also for third-party applications
  • Proactive monitoring

An individual solution when you want and need more than just capacity

You get support for both capacity and your application from a one-point expert.

We support non-Sofor applications.

A duplicated and secured operating environment in a server center audited in accordance with Katakri II ensures the functionality of services.

Application support ensures the accessibility and development of the applications.

“We selected Sofor for project implementation primarily based on the expected quality of service. From the very beginning, Sofor was a natural conversation partner, who showed the desire and ability to understand the customer’s needs and provide a customized service!”

Kuisma Holstikko, Service Manager, Common IT Services, Valmet

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Key Account Manager