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We build unbeatable infrastructure solutions.

Why Sofor?

What we do?

We create infrastructure solutions that meet individual customer needs.

Why do we do it?

For example, are you planning to upgrade outdated infrastructure, virtualize applications, or find better solutions to various business challenges? We ensure the functionality of critical applications and business continuity – now and in the future.

A hybrid cloud and hybrid solutions are the future when services are located in a suitable, decentralized place. We make the transition to and ownership of hybrid solutions easy for you. We also help you increase productivity by making your work location and terminal independent. Sofor’s special team guarantees that, thanks to a limited number of customers, we can provide you with first-class service and ensure that you have access to Sofor’s experts at all times for support. No infrastructure challenge is impossible for us, as we are used to solving even the most demanding challenges at a global level and to a local standard. We help you to develop not only unbeatable infrastructure solutions, but also the entire business, and through that you save a lot of time, money and unnecessary work.

You don’t know us? Good. You know our customers.







“We selected Sofor for project implementation primarily based on the expected quality of service. From the very beginning, Sofor was a natural conversation partner, who showed the desire and ability to understand the customer’s needs and provide a customized service!”

Kuisma Holstikko, Service Manager, Common IT Services, Valmet

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Sofor’s special forces are ready to help. Contact us and let’s see how to build a functional entity just for you!

Rami Varis

Key Account Manager