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We make difference.

Why Sofor?

What do we do?

We create something new, modernize the old, and maintain existing models throughout the application life cycle so you get measurable benefits from your business.

Why we do it?

In the world of digitalization, the battles are won by individual operating models.

By modernizing applications and optimizing business processes, you get a variety of benefits, including moving to a new model in a controlled manner, anticipating future changes, reducing errors and manual workflows, manageable and clear entities, continuous development and secure maintenance, cost efficiency, operational efficiency, and a better user experience for your customers.

You can always integrate application hosting, artificial intelligence and hybrid cloud services into your solutions. In addition, you get process, robotics and artificial intelligence expertise from the same place, from mapping to production. Not sure how or which of our services could make your business more efficient?

No one succeeds alone. That is why we at Sofor help you choose the best possible solution.



A ready-made programming framework for
modern applications creates



Agile DeVops models guarantee
fast change.



Versatile service management
ensures safe and agile


Azure Roadmap

Move safely towards the new

  • A clear plan for change
  • Cost optimization
  • The architecture of the future

We clarify and describe your target architecture, the target states of the processes to be mapped, and the process efficiency points with suggestions for fixes and schedules. We will also help bring about change.

Cloud-native applications

Cloud-native applications create a competitive advantage for the future

  • Service management models create easy ownership
  • The application can be agilely transferred to the desired platform
  • Applications scale as needed

Individual processes and systems are the basis for differentiation and competitive advantage. We implement such challenging projects, supported by our years of experience and proven operating models that shorten deployment times. Service management secures the usability and value of your application well into the future.

Robotic Process Automation

Simple automation

  • Automation of repetitive work
  • Improving quality
  • More efficient use of human resources

You are supported by a software team that has digitized and automated more than 2,000 processes or work stages in 30 years. Not all changes need to be implemented as large software projects, but extending the life cycle of existing applications is also possible with the help of robotics. Connect systems and automate repetitive work.

M365 consulting and support

We bring connections to people, information and content

  • Simplify ways of working with modern means
  • Automate various workflows without solid programming skills
  • Make extensive use of the features of M365 licenses

Collaboration between people, teams and partners often takes place in M365 environments with a single login, regardless of the used terminal and location. We are an expert in the automation of various work steps. We automate the various stages of work, data transfer and retrieval and decision making.


“Nearly a thousand ward nurses in the HUS area can easily check all the equipment they have at their disposal. This tool is used to meet the needs of the health sector.”

Mika Päivärinta, Technical Director, Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital district (HUS)

Learn how we helped HUS

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Petri Salo

Senior Key Account Manager