The first steps to utilizing artificial intelligence – you will stay on course with us

  • A cost-effective proof of concept for your business
  • A concrete demonstration of the benefits of artificial intelligence
  • We demonstrate the latent value of your data

Are you already aware of the possibilities artificial intelligence could offer? Still hesitating to take the first step?

With Sofor, you will not stray from the right path. The safest path to utilizing AI is with a well-defined project tailored to your needs.

We start with the data your company already has, and from there work together to find perspectives that AI can enhance and illustrate so you can make better business decisions.

Your company certainly has data that is not fully utilized – we will help you manage your data capital!

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Could Sofor help you?

Sofor’s special forces are ready to help you. Contact us and let’s see how we can build a functional entity just for you!

Petri Salo

Senior Key Account Manager