Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Predictive and value-driven intelligence to grow your business.

Why Sofor?

What do we do?

We help you refine data into information to guide your business and decision-making more effectively through artificial intelligence and analytics.

Why do we do it?

You don’t know how to leverage all the different information you have collected about your business? Or do you receive too many orders, pieces of feedback, or service requests to be able to process them all?

Everybody processes data, but not all solutions are able to combine traditional business data with underutilized unstructured data. This includes all texts written by people accumulated in various information systems. Artificial intelligence and robotic process automation can be used to automate manual tasks, improve reporting quality, and make the most use of your data capital so that you can concentrate on developing your business.

Advanced analytics and illustrative visualizations enriched with artificial intelligence will help you see the state of your business and anticipate where it’s going so you can focus on managing operations. We help you keep business data access times to a minimum. Our artificial intelligence services can be brought to support processes and decision-making in your existing systems.

Not sure how we can help you? Our specialists are ready to discuss the right tools and solutions to put your data capital to work.



We bring analytical and intelligent tools to find ways to improve and streamline your business.



Our artificial intelligence processes data into information to help you focus on more relevant work.



We help you get the most out of the data and information stored in your systems.

“For a long time, we had been looking for a way to utilize artificial intelligence in our own daily lives. Sofor’s analytics workshop concept was the easiest way for us to move from words to deeds. Utilizing occupational safety data was really effortless and easy. At the same time, we gained a lot of understanding of what else the AI SaaS solution could be applied to.”

TERO VIRTAINLAHTI, IT Operations Manager, BE Group

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Artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and open data

We used the city of Helsinki’s open data service to analyze feedback from citizens: artificial intelligence classifies feedback texts automatically, and the results are presented in many different ways. Have a look at the feedback in your neighborhood!

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Petri Salo

Senior Key Account Manager